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Our Vacancy

Lead Mechanical Inspector

  • Nuclear
  • Permanent /
  • Mersin
  • 19/02/24
  • On site

Finding solutions to climate change is the priority of the 21st century, and means switching to low-carbon energy. At Assystem, our mission is to accelerate the energy transition worldwide. To achieve this, our 7,000 Switchers combine their historical engineering expertise and project management with digital technologies.

In our 12 countries (Europe, Middle East, Asia) of operation, we are working on the production and distribution of low-carbon electricity, through the development of nuclear and renewable energies. We are also supporting the modernisation and development of energy grids, managing the setup and siting for new transmission and distribution networks, and using hydrogen to decarbonise the transport and industry sectors.

Assystem in Türkiye, is renowned for working with the public and private sectors. Specializing in ESIA studies, site investigations, and laboratory research, the company offers vital site supervision owners and lenders engineering services. Notably, Assystem in Türkiye plays a pivotal role in major projects like power generation, and the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Job Description

Lead Mechanical Inspector is in charge of supervising a small group of inspectors (4 to 8) in charge of performing predefined checks regarding the quality and the conformity of mechanical and welding works on NPP buildings during the construction and the installation phases. This position ensures the local coordination of the group of inspector.

My profile


  • Assume the supervision of his/her group of inspectors and of all their activities
  • Ensure that the inspections are properly prepared and carried out, in compliance with the regulatory and technical requirements (Turkish law 30024, NPP Licensing Basis, Norms & Standards, etc.)
  • Ensure that the results of inspections are properly reported and recorded, assuring the required traceability and that the defaults & deviations and non-conformities detected during the inspections are properly assessed and followed-up
  • Has to bring technical support to his/her group of inspectors and to help for implementing the AEOS Project Quality System
  • Must promote the safety culture and the protection of environment in his/her inspection group


  • Identify, assess, prioritize, and assign to his/her inspectors the inspections they have to carry out, taking into account the schedule, the progress of construction works, the availability of inspectors, and the Graded Approach
  • Take knowledge of NPP Project referential (Turkish law 30024, NPP Licensing Basis, Norms & Standards, etc.) and provide technical support when needed
  • Manage the review of execution documentation (technical drawings, quality plans …) and approve comments issued by his/her inspection group
  • Verify and approve the preparation of inspection to be performed
  • Give instruction to his/her inspection group about critical issues related to technical, quality, safety, progress of works, etc., regarding inspections to be performed
  • Can participate to inspections on site, and conduct, when needed, critical or technically complex inspections
  • Verify and approve Work Inspection Reports established by his/her inspection group
  • Participate to the assessment of defaults, deviations and non-conformity notifications issued by his/her inspection group, approve the related documents produced (Default or Deviation Notification DDN, Non-Conformity Notification NCN) and ensures they are properly recorded and monitored
  • Validate the needs for complementary independent tests on samples (i.e. welds, NDT etc.) and participate to the analysis of the results
  • Participate to the update of technical procedures, control plans and/or checklists related to mechanical and welding activities when needed



  • Belong to the AEOS Inspection Team, and particularly to the Mechanical Inspection Team
  • Report to the Mechanical Inspection Coordinator and follow his/her instructions
  • Communicate and interact with all the inspectors included in his/her inspection group
  • Exchange with other discipline inspection leads in order to take into account the other discipline inspection activities for organising his/her inspection group activities
  • Interface with AEOS Project support team, on documentation management topics and for the elaboration of the Monthly Report
  • Can be lead to communicate and exchange with stakeholders involved in the construction and installation activities

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour


Knowledge of general norms:

safety systems of nuclear power plants

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Assurance
  • ISO 3834 – Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials
  • ISO 17020 – Inspection
  • ISO 17660 (will be a plus) – Welding of steel reinforcement
  • Knowledge of mechanical standards:
  • GOST 3834 – Quality Requirement for Welding
  • GOST 5264-80 (will be a plus) – Manual arc welding. Welding joints
  • GOST 14771-76 (will be a plus) – Gas-shielded arc welding. Welded joints
  • SP 70.13330-2012 (will be a plus) – Bearing and enclosing structures
  • Russian PNAE 10-031-92 (will be a plus) – Welding of components of localizing
  • Russian PNAE 10-032-92 (will be a plus) – Testing rules for welded joints of

components of localizing safety systems

  • Fluent in Turkish – read and spoken
  • Fluent in English – read, spoken and written
  • Russian language – read, spoken (will be a plus)
  • Microsoft Office software (professional use)


  • Graduate diploma in mechanical field (High school + 4 yearsas a minimum)


  • Experience in inspection or quality assurance or quality control in mechanical and welding works: 3 years minimum
  • Experience in mechanical and welding works in construction projects or industrial plants: 5 years minimum, 7 to 10 years preferred
  • Experience in technical management: will be a plus


  • Qualification as mechanical or welding inspector must be demonstrated by CV and evidence documents
  • CSWIP 3.1 Welding inspector certificate (will be a plus)
  • ISO 9001 certificate (will be a plus)

Nous nous engageons au respect de l’égalité de traitement entre les candidats, et célébrons toutes les formes de diversité. Chez Assystem, seules les compétences comptent ! Si vous souhaitez porter à la connaissance d’Assystem une quelconque situation ou des besoins spécifiques, n’hésitez pas vous serez accompagné(e) ! 

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