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As a major player in the security market, Assystem delivers a comprehensive security approach for its clients in the industrial and service sectors.

The safety of people, the property and the environment security issues are of major importance in many sectors.
Control and safety systems must be designed to provide robust protection that safeguards buildings and their occupants in case of malicious attacks or extreme natural events. They must also ensure operational safety and control critical facilities with no interruption in service.

Assystem offers a comprehensive safety and security approach that integrates physical security systems for sites and occupants, industrial cyber-security, functional safety and dependability.

Our projects in security & safety

Cybersecurity of Smart Grids for an energy provider
Security Energy

Cybersecurity of Smart Grids for an energy provider

Protection de site et hypervision
Compliance Buildings/Infras

Site protection and hypervision for a public monument

anti-intrusion protection railway sites
Compliance Transportation

Anti-intrusion protection for railway sites

cybersécurité systèmes industriels scissor
Compliance Energy

Cybersecurity for industrial systems and smartgrids, european project Scissor

Expert talks

Security of sensitive infrastructures: from physical protection to cybersecurity

" There are real issues in securing the OT part, which requires business process skills along with expertise in cybersecurity."

Michel DRAN
Security and Control activities development Manager

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