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As a major player in digital engineering, Assystem assists its clients in their digital transformation while ensuring the performance of their industrial information systems.

Digitalisation in industrial and urban infrastructures has created new needs in a more open, digital and connected world. The industrial sector is undergoing fast change and the digitalisation breakthrough is dictated by the massive quantity of data now available: Industrial Big Data, BIM, Digital Twin, Data Sciences.

The new industrial and urban infrastructures are facing many challenges:

  • Adopting “smarter” work methods to increase productivity
  • Moving towards the fourth industrial revolution and “Industry 4.0” using Data Sciences and Digital Engineering
  • Reducing construction costs
  • Taking into account the critical dimension of infrastructures and mandatory continuity of services
  • Addressing  ageing of infrastructures
  • Reducing energy consumption

Infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and rigorous in terms of performance and safety. New technologies must therefore be smarter and easier to use and maintain, while ensuring total continuity of services.

Assystem delivers solutions in digital engineering, architecture and industrial information system integration.


Industrial control systems


  • Industrial data engineering
  • Digital working
  • Industrial data sciences
  • Robotics
Industrial digitalisation


digital engineering

Our projects

Basic design studies and BIM for station F
Digital engineering Buildings/Infras

BIM and technical synthesis for the Station F

GTC et hypervision ligne de bus
Security/Safety Transportations

BMS, safety systems and hypervision for a new bus line, BRTS

MOC instrumentation and control systems for nuclear
Industrial control system Nuclear

MOC for instrumentation and control systems in the nuclear industry

maintenance radiation monitoring
Industrial control system Nuclear

Installation, commissioning and maintenance for radiation monitoring

logistics application for nuclear power plant
Industrial digitalisation Nuclear

Logistics application for nuclear power plant

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