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The Healthcare and life sciences industry is your industry. This is where Assystem Care helps you.


The industrial sector of life sciences is a sustainably growing market, with constant demand driven by a continuous need for more innovative, effective and safer therapies from the public and governments.
With more stringent regulatory requirements and competition, the industrial landscape requires new solutions.

Life sciences should also take advantage of disruptions offered by digital. These new solutions include new processes, new approaches but also the digitalisation of each step of the industrial life cycle, being for new therapies or new industrial investments. Leveraging these with proper risk management and adapted cybersecurity is the new challenge of the industry.

healthcare industry solutions

An increasing demand for medication and therapeutic solutions

Faced with the massive emergence of new pathologies, the aging of the population and the increased demand from emerging countries, the healthcare and life science industry has to adapt its business model, organisation as well as industrial network and practices, in order to offer new solutions to a wider range of patients with increased requirements.

Healthcare and life sciences compliance

Rising to the challenge of regulatory compliance now and in the future

The challenge of complying to ever-changing regulatory requirements is high, at every step of the industrial life cycle, beginning with the startup of a new installation, to the operational organisation. To properly respond to this changing environment, adapted tools, methodologies and expertise are required. Anticipation is key in order to ensure compliance to current and future regulations, but also to optimize and simplify usual over-complex processes.

pharmaceutical industry costs

Controlling your industrial total cost of ownership and your time to market

With more competition for your therapies comes more pressure to deliver on time, if not early. Product launch must happen quickly and your industrial organisation must lead the way. Lead times and cost control are paramount to optimise your operational processes at each step of the product life cycle. Reducing the startup lead times of new installations, increasing flexibility and optimising the cost of ownership by building on operational excellence practices and technical expertise are the cornerstones for bringing the new therapies that patients are waiting for.

Digital and security issues

Taking advantage of digital while controlling security issues

The digital revolution is like a treasure hunt: find how and where to implement it and the gain will be tremendous. From product development to industrial process improvement or product life cycle management, digitalisation increases the efficiency and compliance to regulations of every task in your organisation. This will be a success if the key challenges of cybersecurity, data integrity and, in general, data life cycle management are tackled adequately.


At Assystem Care, we embrace your most complex challenges and anticipate new regulatory and technology paradigms in the life sciences industry and healthcare. Combining compliance and performance expertise with engineering, we break down silos to optimise the time-to-market.
We take care of your industrial processes from strategy to operations, so that you can focus on your patients and your core business. This is our way to contribute to transforming the life sciences industry.

Our unique advisory offer integrates end-to-end engineering as well as quality and performance management throughout your whole industrial life cycle, with a transverse vision of systems engineering: from conception and engineering to batch release and operations optimisation. Starting from your challenges, our team of experts develops the customised solutions you need based on our methodologies and our own first-of-a-kind smart tools.

Assistance in compliance and performance of your operational activities

Implementation of engineering and industrial project management solutions

Supporting the digital transformation (cybersecurity, Data Science & Knowledge Management)

Our Offers

  • Project Management & Engineering Project Management & Engineering
  • Compliance, Safety & Security Compliance, Safety & Security
  • Digital & Data Digital & Data
Project Management
  • PMO (costing, scheduling, contract, ressources, risks)
  • Configuration management
  • Contracts & supply chain management
  • Construction supervision
  • Test & commissioning
  • Shut-down supervision
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  • Conceptual to tender design
  • Design Review
System Engineering
  • Control over requirements / PBS
  • Interface / change management
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Industrial Control Systems
  • Engineering & design
  • V&V / Programming
  • MRO
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Sitting & Permitting
  • Siting & impact studies (ESIA, seismological, geological, geotechnical…)
  • Permitting
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  • Strategy & organisation
  • Lender Technical Advisor
  • Readiness assessment
  • Compliance diagnosis
  • Improvement / remediation plans
  • Commissioning Qualification Validation (CQV)
  • Computer System Validation & Data Integrity (CSV/DI)
  • Quality & HSE management
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  • Functional safety
  • Dependability
  • Nuclear safety
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  • Industrial cybersecurity
  • Security / site protection
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Digital System Engineering
  • MBSE Services (Model Based Systems Engineering)
  • BIM Services
  • PLM Services
  • Digital test & commissioning
  • Digital dismantling
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Industrial Data Science
  • Document to data
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Engineering search engine
  • Analytics & Artificial intelligence
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Digital Field Service
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Augmented operator
  • Digital twin
Project Control Solutions
  • Project delivery model
  • PMIS (Project Management Information Systems)
  • Complex planning optimisation

Our projects in healthcare and life sciences

Gestion globale des risques sites pharmaceutiques
Life Sciences
Project management

PMO and Global Risk Management for pharmaceutical sites

CQV for a new pharmaceutical filling unit
Life Sciences

CQV for a new pharmaceutical filling unit

ingénierie et ASTM E2500 groupe biopharmaceutique
Life Sciences

Engineering & ASTM E2500 deployment for a biopharmaceutical group

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