Piloting systems and supervision of BMS and safety systems for a new bus line, BRTS

Industrial control systems - Safety Transportation New Caledonia

Context and challenges

This client is a major public passenger transport company ensuring the public transport (road, rail and maritime transport) of Grand Noumea, which is the main city of New Caledonia (9.3 million passengers by year).
The client needed to build a new automated bus line - Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) – in Grand Noumea.

The line goes from Nouméa Moselle to Médipôle of Koutio Dumbéa and includes 25 stations over 13.5 km. Buses operate at a frequency of every five minutes during rush hours. The project included the construction of a maintenance and storage depot, 2 parking areas with 200 places and 8 interchange stations.

Assystem was contracted to set up the piloting and supervision system for BMS (Building Management System) and safety systems, thanks to a central hypervision. Assystem also managed the installation of a central control station (management of a video wall, redundancy, real time operation, network, BMS for the bus maintenance center).

Project scope

The tasks performed by Assystem include the design, supply, installation and commissioning of:

  • BMS for 25 stations, 2 car parks of the line and the bus maintenance center
  • Video surveillance system (100 cameras, 20 badge readers)
  • Timekeeping system
  • Telephony / Intercom system (including central system)
  • Integration of a camera vehicle counting system, and car park information display at the end of the line
  • Networks and Wi-Fi
  • IP telephony system management

Client benefits

The customer is now equipped with a central system gathering all operational inputs required for effective and efficient management of BRT operations.

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cameras securing the bus line


car parks


bus maintenance center

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