Siting and impact studies for the construction of the port of Duba

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Context and challenges

NEOM, a major industrial city, was born out of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 ambition to develop the country through a pioneering and prosperous model of excellence in several significant sectors. NEOM represents a world-class centre, comprising industrial and technological value chains.

The project started in 2017 with its official announcement. Phase 1, in July 2018, initiated the vision for NEOM and the main strategic axes of NEOM's sectors. Phase 2 started later, comprising 16 sectoral strategies (e.g. energy, agri-food, sport, etc.) and 8 regional strategies (e.g. with the NEOM bay). Then a review and integration phase was necessary to ensure that all sectors were aligned with each other and closely linked to the overall vision.

NEOM (NIC) will be located within the Duba region. The industrial city will cover approximately 200-250 km² of surface area, of which 40 km² will be located on the Red Sea coast.

In this context, this client, a company created for the development of the industrial city, has mandated Assystem Envy & Assystem Radicon to carry out an evaluation of the area, select the site and deliver site characterization services for the construction of the port of Duba.

Project scope

  • Report on the establishment of the port of Duba
  • Context and client's needs for the port of Duba
  • Surface geophysical studies :
    • ERT (Electrical Resistivity Tomography): 12 km
    • MASW (Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves) (short array): 21 lines
    • MASW (long array): 21 lines
    • MAM (Microtremor Array Measurement): 21 lines
    • Seismic refraction: 21 lines
  • Onshore drilling in 8 boreholes
  • 35 SPT (Standard Penetration Test) at 8 onshore boreholes
  • Topographical Studies
  • Optic base drone survey (8.79 km²) and Orthophoto generation (resolution, 5 cm)
    • Production of Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
    • Contour data (0.5 m)
  • Development of benchmark point
  • Duba Port Site Area Report
  • Duba Port Preliminary & Final Interpretative Report


  • Construction of the port of Duba initiated on schedule (first quarter 2020) thanks to the accelerated delivery of the expected elements
  • Creation of a database on the design of the port of Duba through the acquisition of the following recommendations and data:
    • Data concerning the characterization of the site
    • Advice for Foundations
    • Recommendations for the initial work

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