Site protection systems for a hospital centre

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Context and challenges

This client, a Territorial Hospital Centre, is a major healthcare player in New Caledonia.

It offers a range of comprehensive care in an area equipped with the latest technologies. This 82,000m² HQE building has 645 places, a technical platform with 12 operating rooms, a logistics centre, laboratories from the Pasteur Institute and a radiotherapy centre, all of this close to Noumea.

At a total cost of more than 410 million euros, this centre, required by the region, is to meet the health challenges of tomorrow.

This client has commissioned Assystem for a site protection mission including the supply, implementation and configuration of access control systems, video surveillance and anti-intrusion systems for the entire site.

Project scope

  • Management of the connection of all access control, video surveillance and anti-intrusion equipment
  • Implementation of systems in a highly coactive environment
  • Ensuring that video surveillance is linked to access control
  • Creation of the synoptics and alarm reporting to the monitoring station
  • Quality follow-up of the systems after installation
  • Training of technical staff in the use and operation of the system
  • Regular intervention by Assystem agents to reinforce security according to the life of the site

Client benefits

  • Enhanced security through control at every access point, allowing a dissociation of the flow of people and a differentiation of the external actors versus the personnel:
    • Individual badges to authorize or block certain access areas.
    • Electronically controlled opening of locks (removal of key rings)
  • Time savings for security agents thanks to the real-time reporting of information, allowing them to identify the accesses used (opened and closed), intrusions and to suppress field patrols.
  • Autonomy for the customer to diagnose malfunctions and program his equipment.
  • Compliance with safety standards (patient safety, monitoring of visitors and hospital staff) to ensure that the security of the site meets the hospital's requirements.

Key figures


controlled accesses


cameras controlled by the access control system


sqm building to secure

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