Service robotics to transport medical device for a hospital center

Digital field services Health France

Context and challenges

This client, the second largest CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) in France, includes 14 multidisciplinary or specialised units. The CHU has a capacity of more than 5300 beds, 23000 professionals and 5000 doctors. The CHU is also specialised for treating numerous complex conditions and rare diseases.

Facilities are located on large areas and services are very far one from another.

This CHU needed a solution to transport their medical devices (typically, analysis slides) over 40m within the laboratory.

This client has appointed Assystem to develop and deploy stand-alone solution to dispense devices using cobotics.

Project scope

Assystem developed a collaborative robotic system (or ‘cobot’) in leasing (OPEX), as well as its integration inside the hospital.

For the Lyon hospital, a cobot was developed, on the ADEPT robot platform, to assist laboratory teams. Within the central laboratory of the CHU, the cobot transports samples from one point to another. It knows the mapping of the site and can create its own path according to the obstacles.

Assystem’s missions included:

  • Initial studies and definition of technical specifications
  • Study and development of the robots’ HMI
  • Installation of the Mobile Robots (ADEPT basis + mobility and IHM operational basis)
  • Set-up and integration in the environment and programming of the Mobile Robots
  • Creation of a "Collective and Situational Intelligence" layer in order to allocate tasks to the Mobile Robots
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Maintenance


  • Improvement of time-management for the medical staff
  • Intuitive handling of the cobot that encourages the medical staff adoption

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