Preliminary and Project studies for the extension of an airport

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Context and challenges

The East Wing project represents a major extension for this international airport in terms of flexibility of facilities and passenger comfort. It thus enables this airport to strengthen its role in the region.

The East Wing includes a new boarding lounge on two levels capable of accommodating thirteen waiting rooms and serving two aircraft at a time at six of the seven new gates. Passenger comfort and operational flexibility are the qualitative challenges of this project. The objective is also to ensure passenger transport while preserving the Schengen / Non-Schengen, Arrival / Departure flow separations.

This client, an autonomous public establishment for the management of this international airport, mandated Assystem to perform Preliminary and PRO (Project) studies in the framework of a project management mission.

Project scope

  • Preparation of the Preliminary Project file for the translatic equipment in collaboration with the architects (graphic parts):
  • Capacity sizing of moving walkways, escalators and lifts on the basis of traffic calculations and the program (delivery requirements, PRM - Person with Reduced Mobility - , maintenance, etc.).
  • Participation in workshops to define the equipment in accordance with the concept of design and architectural envelope.
  • "Benchmark " products and suppliers
  • Meetings of various interfaces: architects, civil engineering, seismic, CVSE (heating, ventilation, sanitary, electricity), fire specialist, etc.
  • Preparation of the PRO (Project) File:
  • Coordination with the general and provisional execution schedule
  • Definition of the technical tests to be carried out
  • Establishment of the estimated cost by type of equipment at +/- 15%.
  • Elaboration with the architects of specific graphic and technical pieces for consultation

Key figures

  • 520-metre long building
  • 6 positions on the loading jetty for large aircraft
  • 32 Elevators
  • 32 Escalators
  • 19 Travelling walkways
  • 13 waiting rooms

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