PMO for a high-speed train line construction project

Project management Transportation France

Context and challenges

This client is a consortium responsible for the design and the construction of a French high-speed train line between two large cities.

The new line crosses 3 regions of France, 6 departments and 113 municipalities. This project is the biggest infrastructure project in Europe, and is strategic to reinforce territory attractiveness and development.

The client's needs for this project were:

  • Setting-up of the tools and methodologies for planning of the design studies and construction phases
  • Developing and monitoring of the project schedule on an ongoing basis

This client requested Assystem to manage the scheduling of the construction stage for the project.

Project scope

  • Implementation of the schedule management plan
  • Establishment of the work flow chart (WBS) for the project
  • Development of the project programme for the design and construction stages (master planning and detailed planning)
  • Implementation of progress indicators
  • Monitoring of project progress in comparison with the schedule
  • Gap analysis and proposals for schedule optimisation
  • Follow-up and management of the modifications
  • Risk management for deadlines compliance
  • Scheduling draft with planning assumptions
  • Scheduling on a common platform (Primavera) for the 5 consortiums and 17 partners and definition of common methodology for the schedules development (structure, coding ...)


  • 450 highway civil engineering structures, including 24 viaducts and 6 covered trenches; 100,000 tons of cabling
  • 50 millions cubic metres of excavated material; 36 millions cubic metres of embankments and fortifications; 3 millions tons of ballast; 1.1 million tons of concrete sleepers; and 13,000 catenary supports

in figures


of new high-speed train line


connections with existing lines


of passengers expected

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