Modernisation of a conveyor and sorting logistics system for health equipment and products

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Project presentation

The client, a French health agency, launched a project to modernise its conveyor and sorting facilities at one of its sites in the Paris region, which covers more than 3,500m².

The conveyor and parcel sorting system currently installed on the agency's production site is over 30 years old and no longer meets the needs of the line's users. The client wanted to replace this obsolete system with a modern installation capable of meeting the needs of the operators and the new production rates. The main objectives were:

  • To integrate the new installation into the existing system
  • To optimise the costs of the installation
  • To optimise deadlines

In this context, Assystem has been mandated to carry out the mission of project management relating to the modernization of a logistic system to improve the means of conveyance and sorting of products and equipment of health.


The project management includes all of the following tasks:

  • Sketch studies, preliminary studies and detailed design studies
  • Project studies and tender documents
  • Assistance in the award of works contracts
  • Supervision of the execution and synthesis studies
  • Management of the execution of the works and assistance to the operations of reception

The intervention of Assystem was articulated around several axes:

  • Diagnosis and analysis: to understand, appropriate and analyze the history of the factory and its system of conveying and sorting-packages as well as its topicality, the organization of the control of work and the actors in interfaces
  • Proposals: with regard to the various information identified, Assystem was a force of proposal to optimize the flows, the planning, to direct the expenditure to be committed on the most effective solutions and to anticipate work, while passing by a presence on the building site and at the time of the meetings, to reason in total cost of ownership (optimization of the maintenance share)
  • Communication and reporting (cooperation between the project owner and the project manager is the key to the success of common objectives)

Client benefits

  • Providing improvement axes and innovative technical solutions
  • Setting up a modern, reliable and efficient installation
  • Acceleration of flow processing, especially for urgent orders and reduction of error rates
  • Improved ergonomics, easier maintainability and contribution to future developments (such as increased output)
  • Improved safety and working conditions
  • Continuity of service ensured (the work to be carried out does not require any stoppage of the existing installations, while respecting safety conditions)

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