MOC for systems of military ships of Sawari project

Industrial control systems Defence France

Context and challenges

In the 1980s France sold 4 al-Medinah military ships to Saudi Arabia (derived from French F-2000, and 2 « Boraida » tankers) as part of the Sawari project. Commissioned in 1985 and 1986, these 115-meter long ships, carrying a 2850-ton load, are able to reach a 30-knot speed, thanks to 4 MAN Pielstick diesel engines of more than 23 MW. Their equipment is comprised of: 8 Otomat Mk2 anti-ship missiles, a Crotale surface-to-air system (8 battery missiles and 16 in hold), a 100m tower, two 40mm double towers and 4 launch torpedo tubes for F17P torpedos.

The Saudi defence ministry wished to increase the life duration of these military ships, for 10 more years.

A leading company in the naval defence sector won the contract for the maintenance of these ships and called on Assystem to supervise the maintenance operations using its expertise in the military industry and systems sector.

Project scope

  • Ship maintenance
    • Preventive and curative maintenance for mechanical and electrical systems, upgrade of infrastructure to new standards
    • Works scheduling
    • Coordination with the Saudi Defence ministry and of on-site activity

Expertise: marine electricity, marine mechanics, spare parts

  • Maintenance in Operational Conditions (MOC) of battle systems: radars, communication tools (interferers, secure communications, Arabel systems, electronic warfare), 40mm and 100mm canons
  • Contract management
  • Supervision of all local staff operating on the project

Staffing of 17 Assystem collaborators on-site

Client benefits

  • Increased visibility on the progress of action due to optimal project management and supervision
  • Trades expertise in the military and battle systems fields enabled accelerated operational deployment
  • Greater communication and improved relationships between the client and the Saudi Defence ministry, due to Assystem’s existing strong relationship with the Saudi administration

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