Installation, commissioning and maintenance for radiation monitoring

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Context and challenges

This client is a leader in the nuclear research sector. This project involves integrating more than 600 radiological measurement channels and conventional measurement channels (analysis of water and weather data). The measuring stations (e.g. monitors, water and gas analysers) provide measurements and alarms associated with the instantaneous dose rates and mean values. The system covers underground zones and technical infrastructure surfaces for particle accelerators and associated testing. The scope of monitoring includes both external and internal elements, as well as surveillance of the surrounding environment.
The client called on Assystem to manage this turnkey project requiring: a long installation period, progressive commissioning (> 5 years) and a long-term maintenance contract (> 10 years).

Project scope

  • Project management (scheduling, resources, organisation of consortium)
  • Safety analysis and database
  • Design of safety system architecture as per IEC 61508 (SIL1 to SIL3)
  • Management of HMI based on industrial monitoring software PcVue32 with real-time checks and archiving (ORACLE)
  • Design of prototypes and tests
  • Management of non-conformities, quality and risks
  • Installation of over 200 monitoring stations, based on PLCs and touch-sensitive HMIs at all the experimental sites (in underground areas, test areas, laboratories and areas in vicinity of client sites)
  • On-site installation of engineering stations (scheduling and configuration, testing, commissioning and interface with operations)
  • Commissioning of 600 radiation measurement channels and standard analysers


  • Acquisition of design boundary data for design of future tests
  • Improved monitoring of environmental impact of testing, via aggregates from various measurement channels (different sensors: water analysers, anemometers, surveillance of site access, etc.)
  • Good coordination of work teams to ensure success of progressive commissioning phase
  • Secured a long-term maintenance contract upon completion of this mission

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