Industrial transfer of a packaging production plant

Project management Industries New Caledonia

Context and challenges

This factory is one of the main suppliers of plastic or paper packaging in New Caledonia.

For reasons of organisation and modernisation, it was necessary to relocate the historical and recent machinery to new premises.

The needs were to check 21 machines, and to ensure their safety, dismantling, transport and re-commissioning on the new site after checking that the new installations perfectly matched the technical characteristics of the machines.

This operation, which was critical for the factory, and involved a high level of skills in electricity, mechanics, handling, logistics and PMO, was entrusted by the client to Assystem in order to carry out the industrial transfer of the factory by providing the level of quality of service required to meet a tight schedule and while mastering the technical characteristics of this work equipment.

Project scope

  • Planning and organisation of the transfer according to the client's production constraints
  • Audit of the electrical acceptance installation to guarantee the perimeter (electrical compliance of the new dock and machine connections)
  • Identifying adjustments, connections, dismantling and handling of machines
  • VAFP (Verification of Ability to Function Properly) before the machines are taken in hand and then put into safety mode
  • Installation, settings, commissioning and VAFP

Client benefits

  • Continuity of service, and therefore minimisation of the impact of the transfer on production by taking into account production requirements.
  • Accelerated restart of the factory's activity by the delivery of the site 3 weeks in advance
  • Successfully securing operations with no incidents detected
  • Bringing a plurality of technical skills and PMO

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