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The client, a major player in the railway sector, sought to develop a tool for planning all of its infrastructure work. 

The challenges of the project were:

  • To provide a single repository for shared work schedules to aid communication between project collaborators, ensuring necessary resources and site activities can be coordinated efficiently
  • To provide a certain amount of flexibility within controlled schedules to aid decision making processes and limit redesign activities
  • To ensure cooperation between colleagues, efficient allocation of work across teams and effective processes driven by the digital solution.

Assystem provided its expertise and its ability to innovate by customising its Planisware software package to our client’s needs to deploy an effective work planning application.


Assystem was tasked with implementing, developing and maintaining the work management tool, which included the following requirements:

  • Definition of customer processes, specification and implementation in the tool
  • Deployment of the solution
  • Integration of the tool within the client's application ecosystem
  • Maintenance of the application
  • Adaptation and evolution of the application according to the client's needs


Any investment or maintenance operation requiring resource capacity is entered into the tool in the form of a worksite (other operations are processed outside the tool).

More than 1,900 operations have been registered in 2021 (all operations combined). The digital solution makes it possible to:

  • Measure the impact of additional worksites on the client's operations.
  • Adapt work planning across worksites to distribute resources where they’re most needed
  • Give visibility to other railway companies (dependent on the client requirements), and allow them to adapt by knowing the impact of works 2 years in advance.

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