Design work for integration of new facility in chemical plant

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Context and challenges

The client is a manufacturer in the chemical industry, specialised in the production of isocyanates, and in particular Toluene DiIsocyanate (TDI), Hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI, IPDI) and their derivatives.

The client was looking to install a new facility at one of its plants to boost its salt production capacity.

For this project, the client called on Assystem for integration design and pre-design work on existing facilities at its chemical platform, to introduce a new production capacity known as "1st salt effect."

Project scope

  • Create a 3D model integrating new and existing equipment and structures
  • Ensure pipe routing as per design diagrams for PID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) process
  • Analyse the flexibility of pipe lines
  • Produce dimensioning and structural calculations for piping frameworks and supports
  • Create pre-design isometric drawings and bills of materials for pipe lines to be manufactured
  • Draw up detailed drawings and lists of materials for pipe supports and structures

Client benefits

  • Assisting client with management of its input data and data modifications to ensure conformity of documentation with final product
  • Optimising costs and lead times for operational phase of worksite by simultaneously managing the process definition while taking into account modifications to input data and numerous preliminary design reviews
  • Helping the client better anticipate risks by creating a 3D model enabling it to more easily anticipate its work on the future project

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