Design – construction of a pharmaceutical laboratory and a control room

Design / Project management Life Sciences France

Context and challenges

This client is a major pharmaceutical player specializing in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients.

As part of the re-internalization of manufacturing control operations, this client wanted to set up an analysis and quality control laboratory as close as possible to the production workshops and meeting the regulatory requirements for its future FDA (Food and Drug Administration) qualification. The functions of the laboratory are as follows: Handling area / Sample reception / GPC area (gas phase chromatography) / HPLC room (high performance liquid chromatography) / Weighing room / Room for granulometric analyses / Room for sensory conformity tests (olfaction and tasting) / Editorial areas / Reagent, solvent and chemical product storage areas / Stability room / Laundry and glassware storage / Waste area.

This client also wished to install a control room to monitor the installations in production and to gather its teams through the creation of offices located on the laboratory floor.

In this context, this client entrusted Assystem, in a consortium with Maïa-Sonnier (representative) and Ataub Architecture, with the design studies in BIM* and the realization of its laboratory (turnkey) as well as the integration of customer equipment

Project scope

  • Consolidation of the program, by clarifying the customer's needs, budget and objectives (project framing with the definition of the different areas of the laboratory, the building integrating different functionalities - quality control, offices, utilities, control room, taking into account the number of people, flow constraints, deadlines, PMR standards, etc.).
  • Feasibility studies of scenarios for the overall construction project (technical guidelines) with the pluses and minuses of each development scenario and recommendation of a scenario.
  • Design studies (Preliminary, Detailed, Project, Tendering) in BIM* & all building trades as well as project cost assessment to accommodate the pharmaceutical laboratory, a production control station and administrative offices
  • Realization of the " turnkey " building: foundations, earthworks, out of water out of air, covered enclosure, joinery, ventilation, special gases, interior fittings, reception.
  • Integration of customer equipment: Scales, sieves, chromatographs (liquid and gaseous phase), hydrogen generator, purified water station, solvent cabinets, washer, dryer, trolleys, etc.

* BIM: Building Information Modeling

Key figures

  • 450 sqm of laboratory space with 90 m of linear of benches and marbles
  • 70 sqm of surface area for the control station including a refectory, a computer room
  • 75 sqm of living area including the reception and business reception, a conviviality room and sanitary facilities.
  • 630 sqm of office space including an archive room
  • 7 fume cupboards (incl. suction arms), scales, sieves, chromatographs, hydrogen generator, purified water station, solvent cabinets, washer, dryer, trolleys, furniture, external bottle rack

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