Creation of a radiotherapy centre (turnkey project)

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The client, a private company in the health sector, wanted to create the first radiotherapy centre in New Caledonia in a major health centre. It was a public-private partnership.

Radiotherapy uses ionising radiation to destroy cancer cells. This treatment does not make the patient radioactive, so there are no precautions to be taken in relation to the patient's surroundings after the session. However, any radiotherapy machine, for use without risk of exposure to staff and the public, must be installed in a "bunker" designed to protect the outside from the emitted radiation.

The centre has to be equipped with a centring scanner and two linear particle accelerators.

In this context, the client mandated Assystem for a complete turnkey project management for the creation of a radiotherapy centre.


  • Design and layout of the high voltage package (HV)
  • Design and layout of the low voltage lot (LV)
  • Study and layout of the plumbing package
  • Project management of the HV, LV and plumbing lots
  • Project management assistance for the joinery, cladding and partitioning work packages
  • Consultation documents for companies
  • Selection and management of technical lot subcontractors
  • Acceptance of the technical packages
  • Production of as-built drawings
  • Installation of an operational dosimetry system
  • Supply and installation of an access control system
  • Installation of accelerators, commissioning, user training
  • Installation of the control room and associated IT
  • Contract for maintenance in operational condition

Client and patient benefits

  • A single company interfacing with the client for the duration of the project
  • Respect of the planning deadlines allowing the site to start up on the planned date
  • Respect of the project costs through a fixed price offer which is therefore binding
  • Major advance in cancer treatment in New Caledonia in terms of time, quality of care/life, cost, i.e. patients were previously evacuated to Australia or France for several weeks of treatment
  • Possibility of treating patients who previously could not benefit from radiotherapy due to the discomfort of medical evacuation

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