Construction supervision of automotive plants

Project management / Design Industries Worldwide

Context and challenges

A number of clients in the automotive industry are developing their business globally. Whilst they are continually developing new products and new processes, they also have requirements for construction of additional factories and extension of existing facilities.

To meet these demands, these clients in the automotive industry have appointed Assystem as their Project Management Consultant in Morocco, India, Slovakia, China, Russia and Brazil.

Project scope

Assystem has been involved from the pre-program stage to the implementation phase of the project, with a capability to manage projects for buildings, processes and products, performing a variety of tasks including:

  • Program and initial draft
  • Scheduling and project control
  • Construction and commissioning piloting
  • Studies for logistics and supply chain schemes
  • Technical synthesis and configuration management
  • Contract management for equipment suppliers

Client benefits

  • Mobilising of local engineering capacities, allowing to staff qualified resources rapidly
  • Involvement of historical skills specific to the industrial sector (commissioning, project management, supply chain)
  • Integration of feedback from one project to the other, enabling accelerated and flexible decision making process, efficiency improvement and operational risks anticipation
  • Optimization of operational efficiency of plants, enabling reduction of costs

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