Site protection with a Building Management System (BMS) for a public building

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Context and challenges

This project concerns the construction of a new public building. The building includes a base structure beneath a 40-storey, 160-metre tall tower comprising three stacked blocks, and a second 8-storey building. It includes a 5,500 square metre public lobby, 90 courtrooms and 30,000 square metres of office space. This building is extremely innovative, both in terms of its architecture and its energy-saving comfort management equipment. The goal of the building is to ensure optimised energy consumption and maximum flexibility suited to a building intended to welcome both legal professionals and the general public, with a constantly-changing configuration.

The client, a leader in the construction sector, called on Assystem to integrate the Centralised Technical Management system using next-generation, "Smart Building" technology coupled with industrial IT systems.


Assystem designed, installed and integrated all the BMS equipment and coordinated "multi-trade" installation of comfort equipment in the offices and meeting rooms:

  • Creation of comprehensive development cycle, from specification through to production launch
  • 3D modelling of drawings using a BIM tool (REVIT)
  • Design, mock-ups and laboratory tests on comfort equipment and room controls
  • Modelling of BMS data and interfaces
  • Development of operational Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Testing on platforms and on-site commissioning
  • Deployment of reporting system for energy consumption

Client Benefits

The client now has a tower block offering high energy performance. An innovative and optimised solution was introduced that enables centralised, cross-functional management of heating, cooling, lighting and blinds, associated with office occupancy data.

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