2019 Nuclear Safety Report

Assystem publishes its nuclear safety report every year.

PDF – 22 pages – 2020 – English


The development of a culture of nuclear safety forms the backbone of Assystem. You can learn all about Assystem’s nuclear activities and their close links to nuclear safety in the 2019 nuclear safety report.


Read about our commitments, our results, and our plans to make improvements in the fields of nuclear safety and radioprotection in 2020.


This report is intended for Assystem’s partners and customers, and all the group’s employees, who are engaged in projects to develop nuclear energy over the world.




nuclear experts (of whom 170 are specialised in safety)


years of experience in nuclear energy


INES-rated events in 2019

Safety report summary

  • Assystem’s activities in nuclear energy

Assystem is committed to the energy transition and low-carbon solutions. The company is a long-established expert in all aspects of nuclear engineering and at every stage of progress of projects. 71% of the company’s nuclear activities take place in France and the rest are located in other countries.

The development of a culture of nuclear safety is one of the group management’s top priorities.


  • Nuclear risk management

Significant efforts were made in 2019 in two areas:

  • The development of a graduated approach based on risk analyses
  • The sharing of a nuclear safety culture at every level of the company

These efforts meet the demands of Assystem’s nuclear safety policy that was formalised in 2018, and the needs of the nuclear operators that Assystem works with.


  • Development prospects

Assystem’s know-how in digital technology represents a key strength in the field of engineering. In the nuclear industry, the perfect coordination of these techniques and a safety-oriented culture will make Assystem a trusted partner for nuclear projects all over the world.

" Graded approach helps to focus more on the usage of the tools designed to help improving nuclear safety than on the tools themselves "

" The rigour and attention paid to nuclear quality and safety makes it possible, once compliance is achieved, to deal with events with an unmitigated goodwill, conducive to the development of an understood and shared nuclear safety culture "

Rapport de sûreté 2019 Assystem

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