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Representatives of the ITER Organisation announce today that they have signed a construction management-as-agent (CMA) contract with the MOMENTUM joint venture, led by Amec Foster Wheeler in partnership with Assystem and KEPCO Engineering and Construction Company.

MOMENTUM will play a vital role in ITER’s project to build the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor at Cadarache in France. The 10-year contract is expected to be worth €174m and there is an option for a three-year extension.

Assystem joined ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) in 2005, when it was awarded a contract from EFDA European Fusion Development Agreement (ex Fusion for Energy - F4E) to work on nuclear safety engineering. Since then, the Group has kept the pace, supporting ITER organization and F4E in the different phases of the development of the project: from the design, construction and supervision of all the buildings on site, to the construction of the reactor itself and the manufacturing of the remote handling manipulator, for future maintenance operations.

The scale and scope of the ITER project rank it among the most ambitious science endeavors of our time: ITER will be the world's largest experimental fusion facility and is designed to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of nuclear fusion power, the process which powers the sun and the stars.

Building began in 2010 on the ITER platform in Cadarache, France where 35 nations are collaborating to realize the world's largest tokamak fusion device. The project, demands engineering services that are unprecedented in Europe. The entire site will have to be built from scratch, including the reactor buildings, infrastructure and power distribution systems.

As a historic engineer partner on the ITER project, Assystem’s teams are committed to provide the best of their expertise to support the development of ITER and the research in the nuclear field, aimed at developing a safe, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Discover our story and contribution to the ITER adventure through the videos below.


In April 2010, Assystem was awarded an Architect Building Engineering contract, following an international tender. The €150-million contract, the biggest ever awarded in Europe, covers the design, construction and supervision of the construction of all the buildings on site.

In order to win this 8 years contract, the international Engage joint venture was set up with Egis of France, Empresarios Agrupados of Spain and Atkins of the United Kingdom. Engage now represents 220 people involved on this project.


Since 2011, Assystem extended its support to ITER for the construction of the reactor itself. The ITER Tokamak is a one-of-a-kind device and one of the most complicated machines ever engineered. Assystem is involved in the preparation of the assembly phase and provides its expertise on equipment handling, lifting and assembly.


In June 2014, Assystem and its partners - Culham Centre Fusion for Energy (CCFE), Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd (SMD), Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and Tampere University of Technology (TUT) – signed a multimillion contract with F4E. This contract, expected to run up to seven years, focuses on the ITER Divertor Remote Handling system. Assystem will be responsible for the manufacturing of the remote handling manipulator, which will have to be able to remove components and to reinstall them after maintenance operations.

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