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Assystem in the energy sector

Your challenges

So that everyone may have access to sustainable economic development, the exploitation of the planet's energy resources requires reliable, global infrastructures that are environmentally-friendly and which leave a legacy for future generations. This increased focus on the development of generation alternatives brings new benefits as well as new challenges to the energy industry. Governments and operators, with the help of the industry, must organise the optimal energy mix according to their resources and constraints.

Our added value

Assystem’s experience began in the nuclear sector, where it has been cultivating its expertise for 50 years. Covering some of the most sophisticated and sensitive technology, Assystem’s nuclear capabilities enabled it to successfully expand into other branches of energy. Assystem now offers comprehensive solutions in power generation, from oil and gas to renewables, including solar, wind, and hydro. Assystem’s portfolio also extends to transmission and distribution activities, including services in smart grid design and development

Assystem can intervene on the entire life cycle of energy projects: from inception to decommissioning, with a strong expertise on testing, commissioning and maintenance. Assystem supports a wide range of clients, from public authorities to operators and from EPC to engineering companies and technology providers.

Thanks to its different offices and subsidiaries, Assystem can participate in energy projects around the world through four major key offers: project management, systems integration, engineering design and EPCm. With the acquisition of MPH in 2011, Assystem significantly strengthened its position in the Oil & Gas segment.

Our energy specialists have broad experience across the industry and help clients select the best solutions, integrating the latest technologies and following our proven capitalized methodologies, at all stages of engineering, which adds value across the full spectrum.

Our offers

  • Design
  • Feasibility and safety studies
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Expert management support
  • Project management
  • Risk management and control
  • Supervision – Command and Control
  • Delegated operations
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Training

22 February 2016


Imagining tomorrow’s energy

Your challenge

After the COP21, ecological issues are more than ever in the driving seat, encouraging government and industrial players to review their standards, consumption patterns and production so as to monitor and reduce their impact on the environment. In France, a third of energy consumption in industry and construction ends up as waste heat. This is a critical challenge for manufacturers seeking to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

At the moment

14/03/2018 - The Assystem Group creates Assystem Care – a dedicated life sciences subsidiary

Following on from its acquisition in late 2017 of a majority stake ...

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Assystem is an international Engineering and Innovation Consultancy with a presence in 20 countries and nearly 12,000 employees. We are a key partner for the largest industrial groups.

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