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Assystem Steps up its Development in the Arabian Gulf

Assystem announced that it had completed the acquisition of 75% of the Saudi engineering company Radicon. Radicon’s knowledge of the market and expertise, combined with Assystem’s skills in project management and engineering, strengthen the abilities of both companies to seize opportunities related to the country’s many infrastructure projects. Already, Assystem and Radicon won a joint tender with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior, worth €5 million.

New White Paper on "Urban Development, Mobility and Environment"

Engineering is increasingly operating at the intersection of two worlds that used to be quite separate: civil engineering and embedded intelligence. Today, designing large civilian installations and infrastructure is unthinkable without the integration of digital intelligence. With a distinctive expertise in both of these worlds, Assystem is highlighting its point of view in its latest white paper, entitled "Urban development, Mobility and Environment: An Engineering Company’s Perspective".

Assystem’s adventure in nuclear fusion : ITER

As a historic engineer partner on the ITER project, Assystem’s teams are committed to provide the best of their expertise to support the development of ITER and the research in the nuclear field, aimed at developing a safe, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy. Discover our story and contribution to the ITER adventure through our latest videos.

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