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Assystem showcases its nuclear innovations for the United Nations

On 21 April, 2016, Assystem, as part of the French delegation, presented the Nuc-Track project to the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA). At this conference, Assystem was able to highlight its expertise in complex system engineering for ensuring the safety of radioactive sources.

With Clinatec, Assystem strengthens its position in tomorrow’s medicine

Assystem is joining forces with the Clinatec biomedical research centre to develop a brain-computer interface to improve the quality of life of quadriplegics. A powerful example of the Group’s commitments.

In early 2016, Assystem signed a partnership with Clinatec, a leading research centre that develops innovative biomedical devices for tomorrow’s medicine.

2nd largest nuclear engineering firm worldwide

Assystem has gone two ranks up from being the 4th to the 2nd nuclear engineering company worldwide, according to Engineering News Record. This ranking which highlights the ever-growing expertise of the company in nuclear, was based on Assystem’s nuclear design revenue for 2015. This comes as a great recognition of its stellar nuclear expertise leveraging 50 years of heritage, in time of the new edition of the World Nuclear Exhibition coming this June.

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28/04/2016 - Assystem showcases its nuclear innovations to the United Nations

Assystem and its partners presented the Nuc-Track project at a conference ...

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