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Assystem: creator of skills


We love talent and people with character. We believe that wealth is a made of men and women. People with a strong personality, beyond having an education, skills and experience who know how to learn, grow and pass on.

We are a group, a team. The women and men who collective make up Assystem are the only true wealth. Since the very beginning, we have upheld a deep conviction: anything is possible.

Gérard BRESCON, Member of the Management Board, in charge of HR Development


Assystem listens to and assists its customers in every phase of the industrial cycle, from design to maintenance. To meet the needs of the market and develop tailor-made solutions for the customer, Assystem must acquire, duplicate and transmit the right skills for each subsidiary, which puts its employee at the very core of its know-how. That's why Assystem pays careful attention to its employees and their involvement: organisational flexibility, avoidance of routine, motivating pay schemes, and striving for a diversity of customers, assignments and sectors for their professional growth and advancement. Based on market knowledge and customer input, Assystem managers anticipate and foster the required skills in the relevant businesses and trades. We believe that responsibility, recognition and purpose are key drivers of employee retention.

Fostering growth

To grow, Assystem needs to remain at the forefront of its business and be increasingly efficient in supporting its customers. This entails development and ongoing strengthening of its employees' skills. With a dynamic, ambitious training policy, we offer you the ability to stay abreast of cutting edge technologies, to expand your range of skills, and – over time – to enrich yourself professionally and personally.

Assystem promotes a culture of true self-improvement and real recognition of each individual's contributions. Initiative, independence, boldness... liberties that are offered, encouraged, and welcomed in an environment on par with your ambitions.


Our job is to build the future and be where the world invests itself. It is therefore crucial for us to be capable of mobilising resources to anticipate and meet market needs. We will seek out these resources everywhere and do what is possible to ensure they are diverse. That's why our hiring rate of disabled employees is three times higher than in the sector. Our Disability Department mission helps us recruit, integrate, support and maintain the employment of our disabled employees. As of 31 December 2010, Assystem had 86 disabled employees.

At Assystem 22% of staff are women, and there is a strong desire to implement specific, durable actions for producing concrete data on gender equality at the company.

Facts & Figures

  • Nearly 12 000 employees worldwide (approximately 80 offices in 19 countries).
  • 2 000 recruited candidates in 2014
  • 27% of graduates from recruitment
  • 70% engineers.
  • 22% of women
  • 70% of managers started their careers as junior engineers.
  • 50% of employees have received training in 2014

At the moment

08/03/2018 - Assystem steps up its commitment to gender diversity by launching the "#IncredibleWomen" programme

As part of a move to broaden the scope and international reach of the “Women ...

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About Assystem

Assystem is an international Engineering and Innovation Consultancy with a presence in 20 countries and nearly 12,000 employees. We are a key partner for the largest industrial groups.

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